International Conferences: Eilat is becoming increasingly popular as an international conference center. Many of the larger hotels have superb facilities and Eilat too has its own large attractive conference center housed in

Annual Festivals
Jazz Festival – August: The Red Sea Jazz Festival is a 4 days event that attracts the best international jazz stars as well as local talent. The concerts are held outdoors under the beautiful Red Sea sky. After the performances late-nite jam sessions often take place in Eilat’s hotels.

Classical Music Festival – January: Because of the excellence of visiting musicians and conductors, this festival has grown in popularity attracting many from Israel and abroad.

There is much to do in Eilat apart from just relaxing on the beaches. Information is easy to find.

The Eilat Tourist information Office is directly opposite from the Mall Hayam Shopping center is there to serve you with a variety of touring and entertainment options. In addition there is a selection of free brochures and maps for you to take.

Attraction Booking Counters also exist in the lobby of many major hotels and along the beach promenade