At the southernmost tip of Israel, Eilat borders Jordan and Egypt to its East and West with spectacular natural neighbours the Negev Desert and the Red Sea to its North and South.
About Eilat

It may have grown out of the desert but, unlike other Red Sea resorts, Eilat is a fully fledged city, which means plentiful shops and entertainment, a readily available taxi service, a wide choice of quality hotels and the reassurance of the largest hospital in the region.

About Eilat

A great escape from the British winter, Eilat averages just five days’ rain a year and enjoys constantly balmy air and sea temperatures. And you don’t have to take our word of it; the colourful fish are there to prove it – a cooler climate just wouldn’t support the fantastic underwater world for which the resort is famed.

Diving in Eilat is world-class but you needn’t take the plunge to enjoy the wonderland of the coral reef. You can snorkel just a few metres from shore or get a dry view from the resort’s unique Underwater Observatory. There’s also plenty of action above the water with sports like parasailing and windsurfing.

Better still, Eilat’s location gives you so much more than sun, sea and sand. You can explore the rugged Negev desert on your doorstep or visit the famous sights of the Dead Sea, Jerusalem or Petra on a day trip. If you arrive in February or March you’ll find Eilat alive with migrating birds which attract enthusiasts from around the world.

It might be a sunset viewed from a desert mountaintop, a glimpse of a special fish or bird or a swim with a sanctuary dolphin but you’ll certainly find something more than the sun to give you a warm glow when you holiday in Eilat.