Nature and Environment: Eilat lies at the northernmost tip of the Red Sea Gulf, the eastern arm of the indian Ocean and the edge of both the Arrive and the Sinai deserts. Eilat is built around the shoreline and is encircled by mountains. The era’s most striking geological feature is its variety.

Desert & Nature: The Syrian African Rift Valley around Eilat is a landscape of contrasts with exposed multicolored rock formations and strata, a striking testimony to the area’s unique geological history. On either side of the flat Arrive rift valley floor are steep red mountains and canyons. The area north of Eilat can best be typified as a Savanna type desert with sparse thorny Acacia trees and shrubs and a surprisingly rich natural life of indigenous gazelles & antelopes.

Climate: Eilat’s Climate is comfortable all the year round, with hot summers, warm winters, sunny skies. Rainfall is minimal with about 25 mm falling over some 5 days a year. Temperatures seldom dip below 17°C in winter and average 32°C in summer though they can sometimes peak 40°C on the hottest days. Humidity is very low which makes Eilat an extremely pleasant place to visit all the year round regardless of temperature.

Eilat is famous for its magnificent coral reefs but it is also the best place for watching birds. Connecting between three continents; Africa, Asia and Europe, Eilat is the principle migration route for millions of birds. In the spring, more than a million birds of prey of 30 species take advantage of rising warm air above the Eilat mountains. For many, Eilat is a refueling stop on their hazardous journey.

IBCE – Israel Birdwatching Center Eilat: A nonprofit organization dedicated to bird conservation, research and education in Eilat and the area. The IBCE’s annual spring festival is held in late March and is attended by birdwatchers from atournd the world. Birding trips are organised year round to nearby birding hotspots, so that participants see a maximum number of local and migrant species in the shortest period of time.

Coral Reefs:
Eilat’s waters are rich with varied species of marine life and coral reefs and are known to have one of the reachest populations of any tropical sea.