Whether it is above water as a swimmer, wind surfer, water-skier or sailor or under-water as a diver or snorkler, Eilat’s sporting life is dominated by the presence of the wonderful coral lined crystal waters of the Red Sea Gulf.

Equipment and facilities are available at many beaches with great activities for all ages and all levels. In formation is available at the many attraction sales offices in the hotels and in town…


The Red Sea boasts one of the richest concentrations of tropical fish life in the world and it’s effortlessly accessible at Eilat. With the bonus of excellent visibility and water a fairly constant 20°C you’ll be itching to dive right in.

The resort’s coral reef is the most northerly in the world and some 1,190 metres in length. It starts in the shallows just a few metres from the beach, meaning you can dive from the shore as well as boats.

Eilat’s calm waters and plentiful nearby sights make it a great place to learn. You can even find out if the sport’s for you on a walk-in test dive.

Diving highlights around Eilat include Dolphin Reef, a reserve where you can watch these mammals at play, Moses Rock, a fish-rich site within swimming distance of the shore and the Japanese Gardens with their beautiful coral. Drift, wall, wreck and night dives are possible in the area.

Because Eilat is a cosmopolitan city there’s plenty to do out of the water and its’ a great place to holiday with non-diving friends and family. It’s also reassuring to know Eilat’s hospital has a recompression chamber.

The Sky is not the Limit:

Rise above it all and try one of the many sky sports Eilat offers.
Parasailing, a hybrid of sailing and parachuting, is the choice for you if a smooth glide over thesea is what you have in mind. Experience this effortless yet unforgettable sport and get a birds-eye view of the gulf.

The Airudium, a vertical wind tunnel, is the closest you’ll ever get to flying. Suitable for practicallyeveryone, all you need to get started is 30 minutes of pre-training and a flying suit.
If you’re seeking for the ultimate thrill, Skydiving is the answer.

Start with a 45 second free-fallfrom 12,000 ft. Once the parachute opens, relax and enjoy the ride and the breathtaking view of Eilat, Jordan, Sinai and the area. Definitely not for the weak at heart.


Interested in combining exercise and touring? How about experiencing Eilat’s unique desert landscape and nature life? You are guaranteed an unforgettable experience, but before you start a few words of caution. Jeep Tours of the desert hills are a great way to experience this magnificent and unique terrain. Off road, 4WD, scooters are an adventurous choice of exploring the desert.

Have you ever wondered how the nomads live? Have a taste of their life style for a day and combine hiking treks and camel riding for an ultimate desert experience. A guided mountain bike tour of the desert is a fresh way to explore the desert. You can choose a tour that fits your fitness level. Rock Climbing is probably the most challenging way to achieve new heights.

You too can SKYDIVE! Its Easier than you think! At Eilat’s Skydive School, it’s safe and super-fun,
The ULTIMATE thrill! Treat Yourself! You’ll LOVE it!

As a Skydiving Center, Eilat offers world class conditions.: Clear skies, excellent visibility, calm sunny weather, one of the largest drop-zones in the world and most of all — an experienced, highly professional staff to quickly “glide” you through the learning process and your first jumps. The SkyDive School is managed by the Ritter family and that is what makes it so friendly and unique.

Moshe Ritter is the founder, a man of all seasons, an adventurer with a track record. He is a fully licensed commercial pilot with over 9,000 hours in command. The club operates a Cessna 206 which has been specially fitted for skydiving.

Roy Ritter is chief instructor with over 3300 jumps under his belt. Roy also operates the Airodium Eilat Wind Tunnel where he has put in over 800 hours of wind-tunnel flight. Roy is a qualified USA Parachute Association Safety & Training Advisor and holds a Federal Aviation Administration Senior Riggers Certificate for packing reserve parachutes.

Roy has participated in 3 World Skydive Championships , numerous exhibition events and is a master-guide in tandem jumping – including with paraplegics and quadriplegics . Roy is also an aerial acrobat, sky-surfer and group formation jump captain.

Noya Ritter, is Skydivers’ drop-zone manager: She began skydiving at the age of 16 and has over 450 jumps to her credit. Noya is a USA Parachute Association Jump Master.